Should I hang out with guy I used to hook up with?

Me and this guy hooked up like 2 times and we hung out a lot but we were never in a relationship because he wasn't ready for one, and I was fine with that but then I met a guy that I got into a relationship with and he recently broke up with me and I'm still heart broken because I still love him but this other guy wants to hang out tonight but I'm not sure if he just wants to hang out or if he is expecting me to have sex with him because I'm missing my ex right now but I know I have to get over him.

What should I do?


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  • Probably not.


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  • It's not a good idea.


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  • I tjink if you hang out promise yourself uou won't do anything physical cause he could be taking advantage of your heartbreak and you'll feel really shitty about it afterwards

    • Also my ex is giving me a hard time by playing mind games, he says he wants to come see me then ignores me so I still feel hurt and the thought about hanging out with another man saddens me and this guy is really touchy feely so it may lead to something else. I just told him I couldn't hang out with him and he sounds disappointed and then he texts me that if I change my mind that he'll still come over it doesn't matter what time it is.

    • Yeah don't be his booty call! Find a man that wants a real relationship with you.. I'm sorry about your ex. I would just become confrontational and tell him to stop playing games--nothing to lose