When a girl randomly asks you; why do you like her?

There is this girl I hang out with a lot, who I like.. a lot. She knows that I like her because her best friend (who, I'm good friends with) told her. Anyways, she randomly got serious and told me she knows that I like her, and she wanted to know why. So I told her.

After I told her, she was speechless and started giggling a lot and started blushing. We left the place shortly after and continued on. She was in awe, she didn't know what to say.

Do you think this is a good reaction meaning she feels the same? Or just a typical reaction because I said something "sweet" to her?


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  • I think it's a good reaction. When my now boyfriend of over two years, asked me to be his girlfriend all I could do was blush and giggle. It was kinda funny because I couldn't even give him a clear answer because I'm so shy but he was like so... Is that a yes? And I just nodded and hugged him. Sometimes, even as a girl it's hard to express your feelings clearly. I think she's probably into you, just doesn't know what to say yet. Girls love to be told why guys like them. Hope everything works out :)


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  • Without knowing the girl it could be either one of them :)

    • Gah so true, I could add more details but I don't want to bore people who bother to read lol

    • Just see what she does tomorrow.

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  • I just think it was a typical reaction. If she liked you, she would've said it after you did because there wouldn't be a risk for rejection.

    • Makes sense, ah well.