She had a dream about me?

This girl I work with has been texting me lately. She texted me today and said that she had a dream about me last night. She said she didn't remember the whole thing but it was good. Is she interested or just telling me about a dream.


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  • The unconscious mind (some psychologists call it System 1) is a very curious thing we don't fully understand. Not everything it does is intended. I've had dreams about cutting strips of flesh from some chick's arm because she wanted me to and then carrying them around on a bicycle around town getting weird looks. Some people have woke up in the middle of a dream where they were willingly porking a 65 year old woman and were terribly disturbed by it. What our unconscious mind is telling us is not always consistent with our conscious self-image.

    Here's what we *do* have conscious control over:
    -interpreting our dreams to make sense of them even when they make none whatsoever
    -telling others about the dreams we had and sometimes even manipulating the narrative in appealing ways

    She wants you. If she didn't she wouldn't tell you about it.