Anyone here dating/dated a commitmentphobic Guy/Girl? What was it like?

By commitmentphobic i mean someone who is afraid to be in a relationship because they are afraid to get their heart broken because of bad experiences in the past.


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  • If they are afraid, then don't date! You are just deceiving everyone. Including yourself.

  • I guess I'm kind of commitmentphobic in a way if that's what it means. I'm not necessarily afraid to be in a relationship, in fact I would really like to with a girl who is now my best friend, the problem is I am afraid to take the risk because I don't know how she feels truly. I have been with a girl who was that way, it was great for a long time and then she just quit on me and it went completely south. All her friends said it's just the way she is, and she will probably never settle down with one person. She has major commitment issues. Now with my best friend, we have both been hurt in the past and that is why I'm not sure if she would want to be with me. I know it may take some time before we are both 100% comfortable talking about something like that.


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