When is it okay to kiss someone? Do you think me and this guy are in that stage?

I met him just a couple of weeks ago. We talk a lot on Facebook and we already went on two super casual dates (one time we went to a shopping and walked there, we talked a lot, and the other time we just had coffee).

Now, he invited me to go see a movie. I think that we are both attracted to each other but every time we are together and every time we talk there is NO flirting, it's very very casual. We smile a lot and look a lot in each others eyes, but just that.

Do you think that there's something I should do to take this to the next level or just let the time pass and keep knowing him better?


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  • If the mood is right, go for it. Unless you establish that there is romantic interest, you might end up friendzoning each other. A kiss or something is a good way of confirm that yes, you want them as more than a friend.

    If you try for a kiss and they pull away or turn their head, then you have your answer.


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  • See how you feel at the end of the date. It sounds like he is interested in you but he might not be too comfortable with flirting.
    If all else fails then you should just ask him. You clearly like the guy so you should see if he feels the same

  • yeah start being touchy and hadnsy with him and see how he responds. looking into each others eyes is a great sign that he likes you


What Girls Said 2

  • Id start getting more feely first.. Touch him. Flirt. If he reciprocates, go for it:)

  • Some guys do wait for you to make the first move.