Do you believe in one true love? or just love in general? or perhaps neither?

I have always said I believe in love, but not that we only have one love in life, I think we can meet a very select few that we can love in life, how about you?

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  • I believe in love in general, but there can be more than one
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  • I don't believe in love
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  • Honestly, not so much. If someone diddles around in life waiting for the perfect mate, they'll never find that person, because no one is perfect. What's important is that a partner accepts their love for who they are and doesn't try to turn them into someone else. To me, genuine dedication is the most important thing in finding true contentness, because it will help two people work through their imperfections.


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  • Maybe, but it's a case of optimism vs realism. The days of innocence and honesty are long gone, it's all one big game now, even when you find someone you love, the rules still apply.