Kissing? Tongues? What?

Okay, the guy I'm with now is the only guy I've ever kissed. WE started off slow, 3 days ago, now he's doing the tongue thing and I don't know what to do with my tongue while his tongue is in my mouth, and I think I might have maybe bit or scraped the top of his tongue when he was taking it out, and I feel like I'm a bad kisser. I need help.


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  • Ok first of all: Calm down ;) You've only started to really kiss & I know it seems so daunting now but in a few weeks you'll be surprised at how good you are ;)

    What I suggest now is that the next time you kiss just go for it, do what feels natural because when your nerves are gone you'll realize how natural it comes to you!

    If this doesn't work out then talk to your boyfriend & say you're a bit nervous & can we take it slower! I know this seems scary but everyone goes through it & everyone knows how scary it was!

    & we are our worst critics, if you talk to your boyfriend you'll probably realize how much of a better kisser you are in comparison to what you think about your kissing! & then you'll gain a load of confidence!

    Good Luck!


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  • Okay first of all. Do not under any circumstances have a set motion. Like back and forth, just do what you feel. Honestly you probably just wanna go all around. That's how I do it. & some guys like the biting, but not too hard. Basically you just gotta do what feels right.


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  • At first it's hard to know if your doing the right thing but it's. When when his tongue is in your mouth just move it around with your tongue, sometimes boys like when girls bit their tongue( but that's SOME boys). I know is hard but ask your guy how he likes to be kissed. If he knows you just start it kissing he'll understand.