Why does he keep blowing me off/ flaking?

We plan all these dates to hang out and what not, but at the last second he cancels. But it's for legitimate reasons, or so they seem. But hours before, he's always very sentimental and says "I can't wait to see you and kiss you." A prime example is like 2 hours before, he texted me saying he was throwing up because of food poisoning, and he would let me know in an hour if he was okay. A little over an hour later, he said tonight would not work and if i could do the following day". He is moving 700 miles away in a few days, and maybe thats the reason, he does not want to get attached. But I'm not sure. Maybe you guys can help clarify the thoughts in his mind.


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  • what are all the excuses he's used so far? they could possibly be legit?

    • the sick one, and this past weekend, i told him i would pick him up but he was like "yeah i haven't showered or brushed my teeth since yesterday," both of which he could have done at my place. yes he was with friends, but don't tell me you wish you were with me, if you don't want to be!

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    • then like honestly what is the point of even talking to me, ya know!

    • just trying to be nice instead of a total dick I assume.


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  • i guess he's honest about what he says! :-)

  • that fact that he is moving is probably the main reason. It really sucks to be in your shoes. I have been there and then some

    • but why does is he scheduling dates with me if he's just going to cancel?

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    • i just want to know why he can't just be honest with me :/ and then he tells me i have to come visit him when he moves! like ahhh!

    • Yeah I know!! its stupid

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