How to come back after asking for space from my boyfriend?

Yesterday around 10pm while having an argument over text With my boyfriend i asked him for space saying: "Tbh i think i need some time to think about us... i dont have time to be stressed and worried all the time in a relationship, i just need some space, time to think if thats alright" and he replied saying "yeah sure bye"- thats probably not the best responce, it hasn't even been a full day but i miss him already and i think im sure that i want to continue the relationship, how long should i wait and whats the best way and how should i tell him that i still want us to continue? Please help asap, lots of opinions would be every helpful, thank youuu


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  • Sounds like he's acting a little childish about it. Although the way you phrased it isn't that great. Makes it sound like you're thinking about dumping him.
    Explain how you feel to him and that you just need to take a breather

    • Explain that in another conversation? Cuz i told him that yeaterday and we haven't talked at all today

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    • Is it not weird to randomly to come back after a day basically repeating why i want space?

    • Depends on how you phrased it the first time


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  • Wait a minute, you ask for space then out of the blue want to get back? Make up your mind already! What were you arguing over and what did you expect him to say? I would say work it over with him.

  • Well if you feel that you've waitied long enough, why not contact him now?

    • isn't a day too soon? Its not even a full day yet...

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    • No not at all, we've just been having to many ridiculous arguments so i said what i said (as i mentioned up there) i just dont know how should phrase it... Like i dont know how to bring it up that i still want to continue the relationship, do u have any ideas?

    • Yeah that's easy just tell him this..."Look, I like or love you but I don't think it's cool for us to constantly be arguing about stupid things. Let's forget about the past and start fresh."

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