I went on a first date with a guy I met online and want to know if he's interested for a second?

We met for dinner and it went pretty quick. After he paid, he said are ya ready to go? Then he suggested to get a drink somewhere. We went to a bar and had a drink. I asked him what his weekend plans were for convo & he even mentioned that he had plans to see his friends later that night. (an out perhaps? ) Then an hour later after we were done he said, wanna get outta here? And walked to my car. He gave that awkward hug, said it was fun & and I said yeah it was. And neither one of us said anything about meeting again. I sent him a text afterward saying that I meant to say thanks for dinner and he texted back you're welcome. Are the guys always the ones to suggest the second date and to say they're interested in a second date? Or should I just go ahead and expect that I'll never hear from him again. (We met online and it was his first online date ever. )


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  • Hmm, this is a difficult one, because it seems a little contradicting.

    First he wanted a quick dinner, but then he wanted a drink. Then he didn't suggest a 2nd date, but he responded to your text.

    This one is hard to read. . I'd say, wait 24 hours, then contact him and suggest a 2nd date, and see how he responds. If his response is anything other than a commitment to a 2nd date, maybe just expect that it isn't going to happen.

    Good luck to you.

    • I think this is very good advice!

    • Thanks! I sent a follow up text... and no response. It's all good though.


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  • Listen girlie, if he likes you then he'll call you, but from the sound of it, this guy isn't someone you should be wasting your time on

  • I would give it a little time, and try contacting him again. If he doesn't respond, you'll know he isn't interested in you. He may have been too nervous to suggest it, since it was his first online date.

  • I guess the 1st questions you need to ask yourself is are you interested in the guy? If you're then you should do the follow up! Ask him out again! =P

    who knows the guy is interested in you but just too shy to ask you out for a 2nd date as she don't know how you will respond. So the best way is to stop guessing and get your answer clear! =)


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