GIRLS... If your boyfriend starts talking to your sister more will you get jealous?

Does it effect you when a guy starts talking to your sister and they start having fun and connecting and talking more?

I think the sisters used to dislike each other and compete a lot, but now not so much they understand and look out for each other now


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  • depends what they do for "fun" and how they "connect" and what they talk about. it also depends how he talks about her to me and how she talks about him to me. i would be happy if my boyfriend and sister got along and liked one another! but i would not be happy if they talked about inappropriate topics or started hanging out with each other instead of me.


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  • I'd be upset. But I mean, my sister is 13 and looks like she's 8. My boyfriend is 19. But if my sister were closer to my age then yeah, that'd be a problem.

  • Uhhhh no. My sister is like 28 with 2 kids. I assume a guy around her age would want to date her instead.


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