Rlly rlly need a guys opinions because of Mixed signals?

I dated this guy 12 years older than me.. he ended things because the age between us and said he couldn't really stay friends. Well i ended up running into him a few times while out and went home w him. No, that does not mean i slept w him every time lol but we went to breakfast in the morning and stuff. the first 2 times he didn't kiss me bye and the next he was like fine ill kiss u on ur cheek. Well then i aske dhim to go to sporting even w me and he said yes and backed out last min bc he was sick. (ended up being true) but next weekend he texted me asking me to hang (not running into eachother) and i was out of town. and the next fri at same time he asked me and i ended up going over to his place. He wanted me to go out w him but i didn't have my id w him so he came home early bc had been out and he came home and was like all the ladies were trying to get my attention tonight, youd be shocked and was like "but i had to come home to a special girl" and then later we were in bed and he said how its just our age diff and he wouldn't want to marry me and then die way before me bc that happend to his gma because she married his gma who was 15 years older and was so lonely after he died. (maybe bc he had a few drinks he said this ) next day we went to lunch the next day and he squeezed my leg while driving and stuf then he kissed me on the lips goodbye. Well this past weekend he texted me at 1am
To come over and I got upset bc didn't wanna be bootycall.:: so I pretty much told him the next day that wasn't ok. Well he texted me today asking if I want to go to the movies as friends tomorrow.::

Now I'm confused. I did say id be friends but he acts like he likes me and then says as friends. Could it be he does like me but is trying to tell himself just friends so he can still spend time w me? Opinions?

More opinions? Anyone


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  • You're his back up girl when he gets nothing from other women. He knows you like him and he is playing with you.


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  • Seems like he liked you but knew he couldn't be with you forever and when you told him things weren't okay the way they were he respected your opinion but didn't want to cut you out of his life completely so he went to the movies with you platonically and didn't make a move out of respect or to avoid getting too attached romantically. I could be wrong but that's my interpretation.


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  • Ur his friends with benefits