What should I do about the guy I like?

So this guy and I have a lot in common and he makes me really happy. However, my family is really judgmental and he isn't to their standards of looks. I think he is amazing and I want to bring him around them I just don't know if I could handle how much crap they'll talk to me about his looks. Even though he treats me better than any guy ever has and he makes me happy they'll just ignore it. Should I only bring him around certain "accepting" family members or just keep us isolated for now?


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  • No... don't choose him over your family... guys goes and comes.. and if he really like you.. he will wait..

    • I didn't say that. I still have a healthy relationship with my family but I was asking if I should just keep up a secret and together and wait to introduce him or just bring him around the good family I have.

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    • I'm like sick and got 2 hours of sleep so my typing is subpar. But yeah I think I should too especially since my sister is crazy and usually ruins everything I have I'd hate to lose this guy.

    • Absolutely.. make me proud and go for it ;-)


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  • Show him your femininity :P

  • wth? seriously u r the one that wants him not ur family so why do they even have to care?

    • I don't care what they think I just wanna know what is the best choice? To make him feel comfortable because they aren't the nicest people.

    • sorry , i can't help you bcz i never had a gf ,,, i am focused on my career right now.

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  • If you have that feeling he is right for you then keep him. Gut instincts are your friend. As for your family, sometimes our families are not nice people. Just because they're your family doesn't mean you have to agree with them or like them. He you tried explaining to them that your not perfect and neither are they and that he makes you happy? Just guilt trip them say 'don't you want me to be happy'