I'm in a long distance relationship, why do I feel so torn?

I have a long distance boyfriend. We have never met each other and whenever we try to meet something always comes up (majority on his end). He says its just a trial we have to face. I do care about the guy but now my feelings are mixed. Will I EVER get to meet him or just get broken promises? He always promises he will make it up to me. Well... when is he? I'm getting tired of it. I have cheated on my boyfriend, but I feel so torn afterwards. What should I do?


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  • Because of your actions, I hope, for his sake, that he never meets you.

    • I understand. It's hard to be in a long distance relationship and maybe this isn't cut out for me. But I feel like there's some kind of false hope Im holding onto that will never come true.

What Girls Said 1

  • sounds like he's lying about his looks or something about himself which is making him avoid meeting up with you because you'll find out the truth. Most catfish tend to avoid meeting in real life because they think the other person will never want them when they see who theyve really been talking to, disregard this of course if youve seen him over webcam (pictures can be ripped from other peoples facebooks so never trust a picture unless he holds up a piece of paper with something on it you told him to write in it).

    honestly i dont think he will even meet up with you if his reaction to your questions is that its a trial you have to face. you should end it because i dont believe it will ever go anywhere and youve already cheated on him, just move on and be honest and happy with someone in real life instead of hanging on a unrealistic hope that one day you'll meet this guy in person (who you might find out you dont really like in person and youve wasted months/years on just to find out you're incompatible)