He drunk texted me, now what?

This guy I've been seeing exclusively last night decided to drunk text me. He started off by asking me how work was going then proceeded to say he kinda wished I was with him. I thought it was cute since he rarely shows his emotions but then he followed it up with "I may or may not be a bit drunk... and/or horny". It kind of hurt me even though I know he was drunk. I ignored the text and he has yet to mention anything about it. What should I do?


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  • don't be hurt by it at all! you should be flattered that he thought of YOU when he was drunk. i'm the queen of drunk texting but it's always people i care about. i wouldn't bring it up, he might be embarrassed or he might have forgotten. i wouldn't worry about it though. really though, don't let that hurt you! he was drunk and horny and thought of you not some other girl. that's a good thing. :)

  • there's bothing you can do now rely unless you want to apologize or talk it over with him about why it hurt you. I dont think you should be angry. Alcohol allows you to do and say the things you wish you could when your sober