How to get a guys attention when he's circled with girls? Help?

There's this boy who I share one class with. It's an elective so we have some down time before and after class. A couple girls always like to circle him and chat and giggle and flirt with him and he gravitates towards them. How can I catch his attention during class? He sits right behind me


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  • Honey I really don't want to sound mean but I have to know. Why would you want his attention? I get that he must be a looker but still does he have any other traits apart from his appearance? Do you actually know anything about him? Guys who're all hunky and seem nice tend to be bad news. :/

    • But it's not like that. He's one of those nerdy cute kids and not in the annoying "popular" crowd. He's smart funny and sweet and cute but not hot or anything. The girls aren't popular either

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    • lol yea and thanks!

    • You're welcome! ;)

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  • Not going to happen.


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  • Strike a conversation with him. Be like 'hey, how is it going?' Ask how his day was so far and after class ask how he found the class.

    He always gravitate towards the girls because hr enjoys the attention

    • Should I smile at him? Or is that creepy?

    • A smile is good :) I don't know why it would look creepy

  • Be bolder and sexier