Girls would you ever consider going out with a guy if?

Would you ever consider going out with a guy who is attractive, but never caught your attention until he asked you out? Like he is a guy who you do find attractive but youve never had a crush on- or even noticed before, until he asked you out. Also, he has barely ever spoken to you and he just randomly asked you out one day.

PS: He has gone to school with you since kindergarten, so he's not a total stranger.

  • Yes, I'd give him a chance
    64% (7)33% (1)57% (8)Vote
  • He would have to talk to me for a while first
    27% (3)0% (0)21% (3)Vote
  • No, I'd only go out with a guy that I've noticed before
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  • Other (please explain)
    9% (1)67% (2)22% (3)Vote
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  • It depends on the girl but in my opinion no matter who you should try and make friends with her first. It's been said relationships that start out as friendships last longer for the simple fact that you know the person well enough to know if you want to be with them

    • Lol what. So why is it when "nice guys" go friendship route women demonize them for being deceitful and "pretending" to be friends to win a girls heart and get relationships?

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  • In those situations, it really depends on the context and the person.

  • Yes I would


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