Is this a good way to ask out a girl to military ball (JROTC)?

okay, so I like this girl in my A/V club, and I'm known for being a bit extreme. I was thinking about making a video to ask her out, under the guise of a "short film" I made.

The video starts out with me and 4 other guys. Each guy has an idea. 1st guy suggests flowers. Then it cuts to me about to steal some flowers, then getting tazed and arrested. 2nd guy suggests I do a scavenger hunt thing. Cuts to POV of the girl, she sees signs in her house, guiding her up to her room, where finally I am, with the last sign. Then I get tased and arrested for breaking and entering. The 3rd guy suggests I use fire- I set myself on fire by accident. The last guy says to break the fourth wall, so then I turn to the camera and ask her out.

I actually plan on getting tased and set on fire for the video (EXTREME). What do y'all think?


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  • That sounds funny but I would suggest using a special effects program for the fire and shocks.


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  • JROTC? ah the memories lol I got a scholarship out of the program. Anyways the video sounds great. Shows you have a creative side i'm sure she will like it because you put some effort.