Do you think most girls want more attention than most guys want to give?

At least early on, if you have been together 6+months or maybe living together than obviously you are a big part of his life. But I just read another question that made me think about this.

I think many women don't understand guys don't need the constant communication, or seeing you every available moment to be interested in you! I know personally that I have a very busy life, so when I make time to see you twice a week, that should a be a big indicator! But guess what, sometimes I just want to play a game, or get into a book with my spare time, so I might not text you while I am doing that, and too many girls take that as you not being interested/ even cheating! That's crazy to me.

Ladies please understand the majority of us guys just need to be left alone sometimes. I have lived with tow girls and one worked well and one didn't. there was one that was totally fine with me going into the other room just to do something alone, or go out with friends weekly and not get pissed. that one worked out well. The other was upset if I did not spend every Friday/Saturday night with her and would FOLLOW me around the flat- that one did not work out.


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  • Im in a similar situation and i have kinda tried to move on because the guy im or was seeing started to give me less attention. We have only been seeing eachother for two weeks and the first week he gave me a lot if attention, now he rarely takes time to message me (even when i start the convo). i did find out that he was acrually going to Finland and that its not unusual for him to stay at school until 10 pm. Do you think he lost interest or do you think he's just being busy? To be honest i think he has lost interest because i feel like he would at least tell me that if he doesn't have time to hang or whatever if he did care about me/is interested in me

    • by the way to answer your question, yes i think a lot of girls want more attention then the guy wants to give

    • I s Finland a trip then? or he is there for school or something? and if he is in school that much, he may just not have the time for you. Really early to tell in only two weeks though. I think I need a bit more information to answer your question.

    • its a school trip i think, we live in the same city. Im also a student, so i get that he might not have time in the week because i rarely have energy to do other stuff than school and working out. And what information do you want/need?

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  • My boyfriend and i sometimes don't talk all day and when we do its not long conversations its just really checking up on each other, we hang out when we can and i dont worry about him and he doesn't worry about me getting with anyone else because we trust each other. I've been in relationships before though were i questioned every message and freaked out about who they were hanging out with, its really about trust, if your girlfriend is freaking out about you not talking to her enough or not being with her enough thats because she doesn't feel good enough to be the only girl you're with

    • That is awesome, I recently found a girl that actually handle this kind of relationship and it kind of made me realize some things about differences in what most men and women require in a relationship. happy to hear it is working that way for you.

  • Funny how you've molded make and females into what you think they should be like. Not everybody is you. This entire 'question' should be in the 'my take' section as it's not really a question but rather what you like or don't like in a relationship.

    • Ya I am returning from ages ago on here, so the 'my take' is just a bit too new for me, wasn't sure I was ready to venture in there, seemed much more involved with pictures and the like... and I didn't intend it that way, I tried to keep putting 'most' and such. I just know that just about every guy I know feels like that when they try to get a second with out there girlfriend participating in some way, the girls feel rejected and don't understand their guys desire to just be alone or do something independently. I also have many girls who have been great friends with me and have tried to explain why guys just sometimes need to be left alone, and they too harbor feelings of rejection when they should not.

    • My point is not all men feel like you do, especially when they're married with kids.

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  • No I haven't particularly seen this. I see as many guys who want to spend all their time with their gf as vice versa.

  • I agree with you.