What should I expect from my new relationship?

I recently got into a relationship with a cute girl. While I do love her and she does too but we can't carry out our relationship for long that's what I think because our thinking or ideas or much better said frequencies don't mach a lot. So what all should I expect from my relationship and what all should I bare in my mind to not end hurting my self.


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  • Relationships will cause hurt, how you handle it all depends on how it truly affects you. A conversation about the expectations or each of your needs is a good start. At least then you will know what you have in front of you in terms of expectations.

    • Thanks. It is a nice suggestion.

What Guys Said 1

  • You were really foolish for getting into a relationship in spite of knowing that it will not last. The reasons you have mentioned aren't really valid, but you seem to have already decided that the relationship won't last. Nothing can be done about it.

    • For I have got into a relationship now isn't there anything in ur thoughts I could do except breakup to solve this whole thing out.