Asian and indian guys tell your stories to make the girls beilive that race and appereance matter:)?

How many if you had bad experience with girls just coz he's Asian Or indian? Pls be honest

And girls still tell doesn't matter even if your from mars but with nice personality REALLY? REALLY? Lets see their experiences.


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  • Don't know about Asians, but Indian men are stereotyped all over the world as 'ugly, dirty, unattractive and perverted'. Even Indian women prefer men of other races, and 'settle' for Indian men only if they have no other options.

    Doesn't matter hat girls say, the truth doesn't change. As an Indian man, I'm probably one among those 'extremely unattractive' men whom women consider the worst possible scum of the planet, and wouldn't date even if I was the last man alive.

    Oh well... I ain't complaining, though. I have realized that my life's happiness need not be based on the presence of a woman in it. I'm not bitter. The woman have made their choice, and that's it. Case closed!

    • *what girls say

    • You won't hear this here coz they will tell you why not you look cool. And have nice personality but in the real life as you describe it its true

    • Yes, exactly! The world in general hates Indian men.


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  • My ex was Indian. My experience with him didn't end well, but I'm sure that's not a direct result of his race. In the years prior to that, he was a really great guy.

    My current boyfriend is Asian. His personality is generally great; we don't see eye to eye on some things and I wish he'd be more into coupley things like getting flowers for me on Valentine's day, etc., but it's not a deal-breaker for me. I don't think that's a direct result of his race either, it's a very individual thing varying with each guys opinion.

  • I like Asian and Indian guys. I've been interested in a couple and they were like two different ends of the spectrum. Like one was very polite and the other was pretty crude all the time but I found both to be really attractive. I wish I knew more Indians, there aren't too many at my school. Appearance does matter, I don't agree that personality comes before looks because the first thing we see is the outside of the person, not the inside. Even though personality is important. But I don't really think Asian/Indian guys get the short end of the stick

    • You're 1 in 10000 that like Asian or indian guys

      Also big thank for your honesty about look come first

  • All the Asian guys i ever tried to pursue told me to lose weight, get contacts, dress differently and change who i was. That's why I'm dating a latino guy now.

    • Is that changed your view about the other Asian guys?

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    • I think East Asian men are very attractive but they have treated me really bad.

    • Oh no :C I'm sorry bout that.

  • I really really really really wanted to date Asian boy and Asian boy only, but I was really unlucky, cause ALL of the Asian guys I have met are really immature. They are not handy, can't fix anything, can't lift anythjng heavy, can't make decision or form any opinion without their parents. On top of it all, they don't respect female. They don't open the door for me, they don't put the toilet seat down, they are not romantic, they also are really perverted, they will try to put their hand on my waist or try to touch me when I don't want to or don't feel comfortable. They are also nasty racist who believe female who date anyone that is not Asian must not be virgin. So, I end up dating an American who respect me doesn't try to touch me inappropriately and respect and support my decision to not have sex until marriage. He is also handy and he won't say nasty stuff to me to put me down like Asian guys. He also doesn't have parents that butt in on everything.

    • Your just trolling.

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    • So you judge the Asian based on the little amount you met?

    • You asked people to share their experience so I shared and now you are argumentative LOL I think you don't really want to hear anyone's input, you just want to gripe about how you think you got short end of the stick :)

  • I dated this Asian guy he was nice but he was too touchy so I left him for a white guy...

    • What about his personality

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    • when you say Asian which country do you mean its a broad area?

    • I don't know he was Asian

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  • Indian men are the same race as europeans. They have the same physical features just different culture. For Indian men I think the issue is more with cultural differences rather than physical differences. For East Asian men we physically look different from europeans so the problem is physical. that makes some people uncomfortable dating east Asians. Culturally there is less problem.

    • My cousin had a thing for indian and Pakistani looking people, every single one of her boyfriend have dark olive skin and thick eyebrows and are Muslim/Pakistani/Hindu... She eventually married a Pakistani that looks like Aladin.

    • Throw this joke somewhere else

  • da hell u asking? because ur indian or Asian girls dont like u? well most i have seen with issues like this are little bitches to begin with. here a lot of girls are not attracted to guys that behave like that. they want kids not to have to date one.

    • Dont talk about here talk about the real life see the experiences Above

    • talka bout real life... um u obla engrish? that is real life. part of ur issue with failure with females might be ur inability to understand them. u can't even understand me and im not using any big words... that would be something to be alarmed about. just saying.

    • Ok would the girls that you're talking about across 5% I think you know it well that most women dont like them just coz their eyes or look

      My point its lie when they say personality first unless she's one of the 5% and I doubt if she wouldn't be 38 plus

  • Appearance had always mattered, the first impression is something that makes or breaks you

    • Makes or break you thats correct

      But still wondering why they dont tell us your appereance matter they only mention personality only

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    • But if you dont have appearance you won't success and also if no personality also you won't success right

      As you said appearance gets you in the door so if no appearance forget about doors you will need to take a long journey to find this door just bcoz of your appearance

    • yeap, that sums it's nicely, it's a two key solution but without the first key to get you a head start it's a up hill battle

  • Asians got it bad. Dude.

    • Nah just to clear it women lie when they say appearance dont matter or race or color IT'S LIE

  • You will never survive being an Asian guy in America. It's a shithole place for us socially and economically much worse than Auschwitz. At least in Auschwitz, death comes easy. It's a tremendous struggle for Asian men because they have to overcome the bullshit system that prevents Asian men to obtain success. For instance, employers pay whites more than Asian for the same job even Toyota does this, stereotypes--yes the stereotypes, preferences for white and blacks over Asians in College graduate programs, and you mind as well forget about finding love, cause we will never find a special someone.

    Only if death comes easy..

    • But girls keep saying personality FIRST whats your opinion on that?

    • Girls only care about looks and personality second. When a girl looks at someone, they see the face, the body, and the height.