Guys: Where would you take your gf in the world? Girls: Where would you like your bf to take you in the world?

If I had a gf, I wanna take her to Vienna, Austria.

I think it's a beautiful city. I went there a few months ago and I enjoyed it, especially during Christmas time with all the markets out. It would be fun to go back there with a girl at my side then, later in the future of course, haha. :P

So yeah.. Guys, where would you take your partner for a romantic holiday?
And girls, where would you like your partner to take you for a romantic holiday? Add a photo of the place if you want to.

Just for fun, that's all.


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  • Wow, there are so many places I'd love my partner to take me to. That's a tough one.
    I choose... everywhere!!! :p

    • Yeah, a world tour is always good. Expensive though.. :P

  • I've always wanted to go to lots of places in Europe , Italy and Greece especially.

    • Greece is a great place! So is Italy, particularly Venice and Lake Como for a holiday of romance.

    • It'd be wonderful. I'm a history freak so I'd be in it for the history and the romance.

  • Venice, Italy <3 just love how the streets is water & u travel by boat. I can just imagine going somewhere at night on the boat staring up at the sky talking to that special someone about the WORLD. ^.^

    • Good choice and description. I was also gonna say Venice too, but I felt I'd try be a little different. Lots of girls seem to really love to go to Venice with their loved one! :P

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    • REALLY? :O noowwaayyy ur sooo LUCKY! *.* & I definitely will when I find the right person ^.^ hopefully I do... but thats true at least u know that, lol not a lot of guys think like that, keep that train of thought don't lose it! :'$

    • Don't worry, lots of us guys still know how to treat our ladies. You will find a good guy, I guarantee it. The train will keep moving, it won't stop. ;)

  • the coast of spain or brazil


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  • I'd take her to Pembrokeshire




    Stone Hall Hotel & Restaurant ( the place we'd be staying )
    It's a 600 year old building that used to be a manor house
    Delicious French country cuisine freshly cooked to order using the finest local ingredients such as Welsh lamb & Welsh beef from a traditional local butcher and fish & shell fish straight from the quay at Milford Haven. They even make their own bread, pasta and puds.”Everything about it is just perfect, even the staff are all French”
    It must be worth a visit just to see the lovely 600 year old mansion with slate flagged floors, huge oak beams, open fires and fabulous grounds

  • Well, honestly I'd rather go somewhere that I also haven't been before so I'm thinking probably Lord Howe Island in Australia. If it's somewhere I've been and know would be great it would have to be Bled, Slovenia. I've seen a lot of things but that was my favorite.

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  • I love taking her to new york. We both live ny. But its really close so we go there a lot. Other than that, the carribbean or england.

    • I've been to New York once, very good choice for romantic holidays.

  • I would take her to Chik-Fil-A. Ladies love Chik-Fil-A.