Should I ask him if he has feelings for me?

One of my classmates seemed to like me then his friends told me that he likes me so much. It's been a few months but he didn't say anything himself. His friends told me that he's shy to tell me about his feelings. I'm afraid that they are just playing with me. What should I do?



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  • Most of the time it could be that he is interested but it scared to approach you. Just listen carefully and observe his friends actions, and the boy actions. Most of the time they aren't joking. If you like the boy back also, socialize with him, try to become good friends with him and get him out of his shell. In no time he will become open to socialize with you. But do not listen to these people on here who is taking this as just a "joke". Make the right choices and try not to make to many mistakes.

    • Thanks for your opinion :) Shouldn't I ask him honestly?

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    • Okay, so if you trust someone and you know them. Try asking them to help you out with this situation, but don't take the situation into your own hands, it's really risky. The only reason he is shy and afraid to approach you because he isn't sure if you feel the same way, but don't just approach him about it. Try to have someone help you guys speak to the situation can be less tense and seem more natural.

    • Thank you so much 😊


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  • Investigate on if he really is shy. Shy guys like me only have a couple friends, nervous around almost any girl, and does not talk much. See if it matches up with my characteristics.

    REMEMBER: Giving guys clues does not help at all. If you wanna tell us, guys something, then tell us. We can't read your mind nor understand "girl language" xD

    • He has a lot of friends and he's normal with other girls but whenever I talk to him, he becomes nervous !

  • Ask him out.

    • Don't you think that it's just game?

    • It doesn't matter if his friends are messing about. Doesn't me he won't go out with you.

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  • You shouldn't just ask him straight up out of no where though. Like talk to him, say hi, let him get comfortable with you. He could tell you himself that he likes you, without you asking him.

    That being said, if his still shy in telling you how he feels, ask him. But only when you guys have spoken for a few weeks to a month or two

    • Thanks for your help, the problem is that he didn't text me back. Whenever I start a convo with him, he becomes nervous and his friends start teasing us.

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    • Thanks :D

    • Your very welcome ☺️