What should I do?

I'm 17 years old and I haven't got a bf. I had one but we were together about one mouth. He moved to other city and we couldnt be together anymore. I was upsad about this but now I want to have someone. But There is no guy which I like. And I worry that I will be single. All my friends have a boyfriends?

Thanks to everyone


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  • Sounds like you are hurting, and I'm sorry for that… but… You are 17, there is no reason to worry that you will stay single.
    I'm sorry your boyfriend moved away, but there are many, many people out there. Doesn't seem like it, but you will be happy again.
    So you don't like any of the guys around you right now? That's completely ok… Enjoy being by yourself, It's actually way more awesome than it sounds. Even when you have a boyfriend, ultimately, all you will have at the end of the day is you. If you learn to be happy on your own, you will not only attract more people to you, but you will learn a valuable skill that will serve you well in the future.


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  • You shouldn't (want to) be in a relationship just for the sake of not being single. If there's nobody in your life right now who you'd want to be with, then you should be single. It's a good thing to have standards and even better to realize that being with someone should be about that someone, not about not being alone.

    In the end all you really have to do is keep getting to know new people. Eventually you'll come across a few who you'll find a lot more interesting than the rest. ;P

  • The right guy will come along. You just have to be patient and keep your eyes open. God made somebody for everybody and hasn't forgotten about you (:

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    Jk xD
    dont worry bro you will find someone soon unless you turn down every guy who makes a move at you

  • Unless you are a horribly hideous, extremely overweight, just outright terrible person, you'll find a boyfriend, easy.


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