What will you guys do in this case?

If ur dating a girl but there's no commitment yet. You really like her but she can only keep dating u if u stop sleeping around. And it's ok if u see other girls until the day you both decide to commit. So are u willing to do that for her?

The prob is neither of u knows if this is gonna be serious. All you know now is you like each othe. The girl would only sleep with him, thats why she wanted him to do the same. Its hard for him to do that but if u were him, would u at least try?


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  • "... if u stop sleeping around. And it's ok if u see other girls..."

    Then you know me. And you should notice that I still like being with you and I'm not trying to talk to other girls anymore.

    Yes. This is what we agreed upon and when we make a commitment I am all yours.


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  • So, basically, you want to be unexclusive with exclusive-like boundaries with this guy before you are actually agree to become exclusive with him, yes?

    That sounds like a red flag, doesn't not?

  • If I'm dating a girl, I'm not gonna see any other girls. And i would be pissed if she was doing the same thing. If she wasn't ready to committ yet, even if i wasn't either, i would break it off if she said i could sleep with other girls

    • Thanks, thought it was me, glad to know guys (at least some guys) feel the same way

  • So if we were actually going to be serious, I'd stop sleeping around. I'd make her my whole. But some players will never stop. It's all on the guys personality.

  • If I believe that she is loving me then will wait.


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