Should I text her again after she didn't respond?

A girl started talking to me on tinder a few weeks ago and even gave me her number pretty soon after without me even having to ask. I obviously took this as a sign that she was interested so I almost instantly asked her out on a date for about a week later and she said yes.

I texted her nearer the time but she didn't text back until a day after when we were supposed to meet up saying she was sorry but she didn't realise she had arranged to go away at that time, she then asked me when I am next free. I said the days I was free and then she didn't reply.

I sort of forgot about it and it has been 2 weeks now, should I try again? I stuck to the rule of only using the phone to set a date and saving the conversations for when we meet up so I don't see how I would have turned her off by saying anything.


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  • Don't text her again you'll look desperate


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  • It's tinder, she probably just has many options, or is busy