Asking a girl out can seem really intimidating (so I'm told), how can we make it easier for you?

Hey guys (and girls too)! Pretty basic stuff, how can we girls make it less scary for you to ask us out? I can't tell you how many very dateable men came up to me after high school and told me that they were downright frightened to ask me out because they were afraid of rejection! How can we help you out?


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  • It would be a huge help if you girls too make the first move sometimes. If you can't do that, then at least know where to draw the line between 'being super friendly' and 'showing romantic interest' because quite frankly, the 'signs' you give are often ambiguous.

    • That's a fair statement, some girls are just by nature very touchy and friendly and it can come off as being interested when in reality we are not. So basically be more frank in how we feel because from what I'm hearing our "little signs" can get mixed up or not even register at all 😊

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    • Glad to know that you acknowledged my suggestion, instead of dismissing it like most other girls would have. Much appreciated! :)

    • Off course! Everybody's opinions are valuable and can be learned from😊


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  • When you or he seems interested, tell him to ask you out for a date straightaway.

    Just talk something like this,

    1) i wanted to go to (restaurant name) but no one takes me there.

    2) I feel like having a cup of coffee or some ice cream.

    3) i need to get something to eat.

    I think he should take these hints, because i interpret them real quick and it happened with me quite a number of times.

    Men don't take subtle hints mostly. So you gotta be a bit obvious about it.

    • Just give him a little nudge in the right direction😊 thank you for sharing!

    • Yeah. But men should learn to ask out girls and not take rejection personally. Girls reject politely after all.

      Men will be rejected more than accepted, but we should all get used to it.

  • Don't help. If he is intimidated he is a pussy. This filters out the men with courage from the men without courage. Don't help.

  • by showing some interest

  • what kind of trip do you want to do today?

  • Let us know that you like us. Say we are cute, even be like, "so when are you taking me on a date?"

  • appear interested, but don't lead them on.

  • show us that you like us and make it OBVIOUS. because a shy guy will most likely not ask you out even if you do that. Some times you might have to ask the guy out instead.


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