Have you had a relationship with someone who had any mental illnesses?

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How was it? Was it difficult for you? What did you do to make your relationship succeed?


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  • Watch the theory of everything movie it's exactly nearly like this

    • I've watched the movie and I think I guess what you're saying? How was it for you? I'm going to a complicated situation now - bf just fought cancer but he's dealing with depression anxiety and ADHD. Do you have any advice?

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    • Keep it up 👍

    • I am very proud of u that u r still human I've seen girls turn there back from this it's just amazing and if u ever needed any tip or advice tell me and if u have a Twitter that's mine :@55cities


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  • Borderline personality disorder (possibly caused caused by head injuries in a car accident).
    The day she hit me in the head with an axe and started with the log splitter after I went down, was the day I'd had enough. It had been a good day up until then, but she'd had a few drinks, which always made things worse.

    I wasn't really interested in making anything succeed, after that. I had to work that evening, and was late for work after I drove to hospital and got sewn up.

  • narcisistic personality disorder

    the worst experience ever but the repulse afterwards led to personal achievments

  • Love is a mental illness!


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  • My boyfriend as anxiety and my first boyfriend has schizophrenia

    • As an update to your update, it get difficult at times because my boyfriend sometimes shuts down when he gets stressed out and since I'm new to this, I don't know how to react other than being there for him (which he doesn't want bc he wants to be alone when he shuts down). We talk about it afterwards about what we can do as a couple to lessen his anxiety and he hasn't has an anxiety attack in about 2 months now!

    • Oh that's great to hear! I'll note the "talk about it" idea. Thanks for stopping by!

    • No problem! I hope all is well for you in your relationship!

  • My boyfriend has Anxiety and bi polar, it's very difficult because when he gets mad or upset he shuts down and doesn't want to talk to anyone but also if I push to hard he gets angry and can get pretty mean with his words so it's difficult to deal with but j love him so I just try and be there for him as much as possible

    • That's beautiful! Love is above all

  • depression maybe