When a girl doesn't get that you're not interested in her and asks why your'e quiet, what do you say?

e. g. there's this girl who says we see each other a lot, but feels we aren't talking.
I basically just say hi and smile, and nothing more. I found out she's got a boyfriend and is just playing me for attention, which I don't like at all. Certainly not interested, so it's natural that I really won't bother talking to her. Yet, she has this expectation that I should chase her - e. g. she'll be quiet as well, and move away, then gets puzzled when I don't approach her and start entertaining her.

She actually confronted me to ask that.. how would you respond?


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  • She just likes attention and the more you don't give it to her the more of an asshole she thinks U are but dont let her opinion bother u

    • I agree. She actually confronted me to ask why i'm quiet with her. What would you say?

    • Just be like what Im literally acting the same and stick by that so she'll feel dumb


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  • tell her you know she's playing you and you're not cool with it. if she gets mad that's her own fault. not yours.


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  • Eventually she will move on to another guy who will be desperate enough to give her attention.