What to do when my bf drunk and keeps hugging on other girls?

My bf and i live together he not one to hug or kiss on me a lot at all like we barly hug each other. Well when he drunk he goes and hugs other girls that he dosent know and it makes me upset what do i do about it


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  • Tell him how you feel about it and talk. I think this is the most reasonable way to deal with this situation for now.

    • I have and he just says sorry he just loves hugging people. But he dosent hug me

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    • I have and he says because we live together he see me all the time he dosent feel like he has to hug me.

    • So tell him you like it and that you'd really appreciate if he hugged you more. I think that it can make him think a little more about it...


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  • In my opinion dating a drunkard is not good for you and I know this from personal experience because my sister dated one and things didn't go well. And why I say this is because he will spend more time at bars with his friends than with you and he will spend his money irresponsibly.

  • Put a leash on him?


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  • Talk to him maybe?
    LOL does he know it makes you upset?

    • Yeah. And he says he sorry and he just loves to hug people when he drunk