If he let me go that easy , did he even care?

So I have been dating this guy for the last couple of months and things have been going good. But they were always on his terms. Like we would hang out when he wanted and he would text first everyday... So this last week we finally got into a relationship. And then yesterday he called and asked if i wanted to do something and i said yes and he said that he would call me when he got home.

so the hours just went by and finally at 8pm he said that he just barey got home and that the kids wanted him to watch a movie with them and can we hang out tomorrow night. I told him I wasn't able too because of work and that i wish he would have said somehing, because i had something else i could have done and he replies with "sorry babe xoxoxo" I responded with , there is no reason to be sorry i understand life is busy and i said that no matter what we would always be friends and that i hope he has a good night and he responds with just "k". I was so hurt because first why wouldn't he invite me to watch a movie with him and the girls they love me and second why the short answer. and im just exhausted form waiting around for him to want to hang out. so i responded with "I gave you the opprtunity to give u the friend card mutiple times why couldnt u just be honest with me. why would u do that to yourself. Is it because im your sisters best friend, take care
" and he responds with "you too" I didn't know what to say so i blocked his number i know i should just been chill like i always am, but if he doesn't wanna be around me or care about me like that, why lead me on? im just torn over this and am not sure what to do, any advice?


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  • As a mom, the balancing act between priorities can be very delicate. Nonetheless, when I finally do let my BF meet my kid, it should open up new ways to spend time with him. If you have met the kids and they like you, his actions that night are suspect.

    I don't like that he didn't respond to your friends text appropriately. At all. There was no denial, no reassurances... you have every right to be hurt and confused.

    This might be the best time to "delete and retreat" as I like to call it. You deserve better, and you deserve answers.

    • I always told him his daughter should come first! but ya i agree him not asking me to join them is really weird! I haven't talked to him since that night, i actually just blocked his number... I dont want to let him play games. Its best if I dont even know if he text or not... I miss him but at the same time the more i think about it, its like he only wanted me around when it was convenient for him. he never asked me for anything or used me. but i find that it just made me really insecure for some reason and no one should have to feel that way... thank u for your feedback i appreciate it so much!

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  • I understand that if he has kids they come before anything else , but that doesn't give him the right to disregard your feelings either. It's just a common courtesy to call earlier and say hey something has come up and I can't make it. It sounds like this guy is an all about me sort of person. There is not thing for sure about that kind of people , they will not get any better ; they won't do anything for anyone else unless they benifit from doing it. This may be a real good time to just walk away and don't look back

    • I agree. If he would have just called to ask me how my day was and not asked me if i wanted to do something it would have been a completely different situation. He does seem to be all about himself too. we hang out when he wants to. i mean he is sweet and we have fun when we are together , but the hard part is , is actually getting together. Thank you for your feeback. I am just going to step back. there is nothing worse then caring about someone who just doesn't care back..

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    • Yeah, I dont really know about him anymore either.. I talked to his sister, which is my best friend about it and she says "god he is just like my dad" that is a red flag ha.. so i guess that is my Q to just stay away. if he wanted to see me he could and chose not too. and i am almost 100% sure it wasn't just to watch a movie with the kids.. owell... :)

    • I just don't get people like that. I guess I'm just different. Very sorry that he wasted your time like that. I know it doesn't help , but chalk this one up to ; live and learn I suppose.

  • nothing that is it


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  • Unfortunately this happens a lot. In this case this guy has kids, n has he's priorities. Sorry to put it like this but you are not one of them. Girl if he's not bringing u in he's life after sum time something is wrong. I can freely say he us using you. Is ok to be nice but dang show sum attitude. Forgive me if i make u feel bad in anyway, but u should not let nobody make u feel less or left out especially a man you are trying to have by your side as a mate. You are worth it!

    • I understand his daughter comes first. But there is no reason why he shouldn't invite me. Im sure her and her cousins would have loved that. Honestly i think he is lying to me. He probably just wanted to do something else like party. and I should have attitude u are right I have been just sitting around waiting on him and its dumb. I moved here to try to see how things would go with him so i dont know anybody which has made it harder, im just gonna not talk to him for a while and go out and make new friends. i guess its a little convenient when u have a girl that is just waiting for u , i can see how he woud take advantage of that!

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    • Yeah, he knows that is why I came here. He encouraged it... And If he woulda said "I want to go party" that would have made me actually feel better about all of this. He is just acting shady. and i dont need all of that. He had his opportunity and my gut tells me that he was lying.. so I guess i just make the most of this place.. im here might as well enjoy it:) He knows where to find me if he wants to talk im not running to him anymore!

    • Fosho sista.

  • Respectful in front of son is to be expected = good + empathy
    As a realist, I think of breaks as a brief shopping adventure and if true, the other gal didn't muster up to your assets.
    IN right field also lies the theory that he needed time to ponder the son question, with some guilt about the sex, as you are a single mom - not needing any more grief and expecting love to someday include her son

    Shut the hell up... like any GOOD salesman that just got the nod his sales pitch worked & the deal is sealed. Obviously his path is all good & eventually will be the one you like, IF you have patience to have little milestone surprises revealed to you as his comfort allows.

    • He has a daughter as well. I absolutely love her. Im hoping that he is just wanting to take it slow and is not just giving me the friend card cause Ireally care about him. but iI'll just have to be patient and see if it goes anywhere☺