Guy won't date me because his friend likes me?

Rick and I use to talk. Talked for a few months, dated 3 days, kissed then broke up. It just didn't work out.

So his friend Troy found out I like him and he said " Do you still like Rick" Your cute and but I dont wanna get into anything serious because I think Rick still likes you"

To me its not a big deal. Me and rick stopped talking 2 months ago. Were friends and hangout as friends.
I told him I was gonna talk to Rick about it. He said "No, I dont want him to think I went behind his back and I dont want it to be awkward when we all hangout" I said Ok (theres nothing else to say) He said "I just wanna be friends and hangout" I said ok

What should I do?


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  • I wouldn't date a girl my friend and I are interested in either, its just a mess. I rather wait for the next one. what can you do? try to get with Troy but it seems he is really uneasy about all this.


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  • One can't conclude by this, you need to observe the behavioral change of Rick.

  • Well, great.


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  • I can see it being awkward since you were involved with Rick before.

    But if you had all been just friends and Troy refused to date you because Rick liked you (without there being history between yourself and Rick) then I'd get annoyed.

    I hate when guys do that shit.