Any idea how an Indian man can find a date?

It seems that no girls want to date an Indian man.
Out of Indian girls, there are 2 types:
1. Conservative - they will marry only within their own culture, religion, caste and sub-caste. This won't work for me as I am modern and also, I'm from a very rare caste.
2. Modern - like myself, they separate themselves from the conservative ways. Only problem is, they generally want to completely dissociate from the Indian community and view white people as superior.

Non-Indian girls automatically have their walls up when they meet an Indian guy. It's frustrating and hard. No wonder arranged marriages are still happening - it's so that ugly Indian men like myself can get laid and have a family.


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  • If you want a date then:
    #1. Flirt, flirt and flirt.
    #2. see #1.

    If you want to marry:
    #1. Of course, flirt. (if you want modern girl) There are SOOO many who won't go for fair skinned ones.
    #2. Did you mention about conservatives? I don't think you need to find one then, your parents would find one for you.


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  • If you live in India, it's understandable that people still are following their customs and traditions.

    • I'm talking about Indians in the west

  • maybe start dating a girl and don't tell her your indian until a few weeks

    • I think it's obvious if you look Indian or have an Indian name,

    • say yourej italian or something bro

      I knew this saudi guy who was scared girls would hate him too

      He would go out and tell girls he was italian lol

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  • The so called modern Indian women have almost been brainwashed to hate their Indian-ness and anything Indian in general

    I knew a girl who called herself Sarah and would get mad when you mentioned she was Indian... lol

    She had literally convinced herself she was something or someone else... I've never seen someone hate their own race so badly...

    I feel bad because Indians contribute so much to our culture via Yoga, Karma, Chai etc etc

    Yet the media keeps making fun of Indians and making them look bad... IE Raj from Big Bang theory

  • From market you can easily find dates.. !!

  • Yeah, it's hard as hell being Indian and finding a date.

  • Matchmaking.