How do I cope with the fact that I'll never be loved and stop it from making me bitter?

I dont take joy in anything in life anymore, everything is a chore and I just want to sleep and be asleep every day.

The only thing that I enjoy any more is video games because they let me escape this world and life for the time that I play them

I know I'll never love or be loved and I'll never have my own family or anything like that


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  • as a guy, i hate how some people argue and say that real guys, real men, real men with balls, that we have all the dating power, when i personally feel that women do mainly because women are the ultimate choosers, not me, and biology supports that, most zoologists, discovery channel, animal planet, the common statement is that, "females choose who to mate with, not the males", in some ways i'm kinda jealous of envious of how women have that power but it does make sense since men can father infinite amount of kids, meanwhile for women it is limited, so in some ways, when i look at it from that perspective, i do have empathy for women, but i do get resentful when i'm sick and tired of not getting laid, heck not even at least getting a cuddling session, despite the fact we have the birth control pill now, womens brains have not really changed much since we were living in caves.

    I feel those videos by that guy, he completely nailed the point


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  • You don't know what the future will bring so dreading it seems pointless. You cope with your emotions by understanding them and learning skills to help you.


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  • Sounds like classic depression. Get some help and don't let your life pass you by like I did.

  • Get a puppy.