Question about the "friendzone"?

I really hate this term, but it's commonly known so I'll use it. I've read that men "put" themselves in here because they act like friends first, and not like potential romance partners. Is it better when you first get to know a girl to let your intentions be known? Wouldn't the outcome be the same anyways if you didn't act quick or if you acted quick? Can someone (especially female) explain this?


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  • i prefer when guys dont act like quick because when they act quick i would feel that they dont even care in knowing me as a aprons they will only want to be with me for my appearance to because they are desperate or something eulseabout me and they dont care about the other things but also when friends act as friends before and then they show you your intentions its hard to see them as something else because is unexpected and you dont want to loose their friendship if your relationship ends bad but anyways i refer that guys acts as friends before and then show their intentions.

    • Too many contradictions between women. I'm just going to stick to one method.


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  • I believe so but someguys literly put themselves in the friend zone by assuming that just cause a girl acts lke a friend that she doesn't like him as any other way. Tbh i often get crushes on my guy friends

    • Well if a girl calls me "friend" what am I supposed to assume?

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    • Well I'm not really upset because there are lots of women on earth, I'm just wondering what's the best approach.

    • MAke sure to compliment them often and ask for their number but also talk about common intrests they should take a hint

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  • The thought that you can win someone's love by good behavior is stupid. This is the thought that those who end up in the friendzone work by. Getting to know someone is not equivalent to being on your best behavior so you get the pussy.