Girls when you're dating a guy do you ever?

When you're just dating a guy and its not really serious, do you ever cook for him either just for him or cook for get togethers with him and his friends? Or is the more typical of a more serious relationship?
Not saying you cook all the time but if he knows you like cooking and are good and he even buys the stuff you tell him you'll need. Also he ends up trying to help even though he doesn't really cook very well.

so maybe i should specify on the times i cooked. The first time was a couple weeks ago. We were at his place and I got hungry but since there was nothing to eat. Since he needed to go to the store anyways I suggested I could cook. So we went to the store, he bought all his groceries plus the ingredients I needed and then went back to his place to eat and relax.
The second time was this past weekend. We had been getting ready for pi day a couple days before. Planning what pies to make and what we can do aside from cooking. The day before he bought all the ingredients for all the pie and asked me if there was anything else I would need to make the pies I wanted to make. Anyways. The I was baking most of Saturday and he would come over and hug me from behind or give me neck massages. Or clear things away for me to have more room.


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  • That's a good question, I still haven't cooked for my serious boyfriend. I wouldn't read into it. Food is food and if you have someone cooking for you that hasn't been around for long, sometimes you want to give input (helping) for your personal taste?

    • No not helping in that sense. In the way that he'll ask do I want him to cut any of the ingredients or do I want him to hold my recipe up so I can see better. Last time he just came over to give me a little neck massage while I was stiring the broth and veggies.

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  • *First date goes well*

    "Why don't you come back to mine and I can... you know... make a soufflé for you..."

    That happens right?

    I've never had a serious or non-serious girlfriend so I can't really give you much in the way of useful advice. I'd be appreciative of it anyway, and would probably try to return the favour - she might think I'm gay though if I do that.

  • I tried to cook fried chicken for my girlfriend once, it wasn't so good (if not bad :p) but she said she liked it anyways and I love her even more for that ^_^ Although next time I preferred to order a decent food than make a mess out of the kitchen :P

  • I have had many whores cook for me... don't read anything into it.


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  • If we aren't serious I'm not putting that kind of effort in. I might boil him some ramen at the most lol

    • So I take it that doing that sort of thing isn't common then...

  • I do that too, only with baking instead of cooking. If it's something you actually like doing, I really don't see why you shouldn't.

    • Yea. I dont have a problem with cooking or baking, it just kind of occurred to me that we're not in a serious relationship. We're still just in the dating phase and while we are only seeing eachother, the past weekend felt very domestic with me cooking while he hosted the party and after i slept over and spent the next day with him.