I like desi women the most and I am not desi, is this ok?

there's nothing wrong with interracial dating, but is this ok?


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  • Why are you fuckin' around man? You know it's okay. Bored?

    • I laughed way too hard at this.

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    • That's quite a terrible thing to imply about yourself there. . . But alright. I can accept that.

    • haha... sorry, dude. you're not making much sense, but there you go.


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  • What ever turns you on.
    Are you looking for approval?
    Go ahead then.

    • not approval. not from a stranger like you...

      but then thank you for telling me how I can post, or not. Or the grounds as to how I can express myself, or what is worthy of good posting material.

      You know what? I WON'T TAKE YOU ON. lolol... Largely because I don't need to, but there you go. If you wish to "read" me, and then say it's 'normal', fine. I don't agree with you that it's normal, but there you go. I don't know you, so hold a right to dismiss you.

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    • why do i want 2 read u?
      I no kare wht u post or u do

    • haha... sorry, but then you can try and justify attempting to read me, lol.. i'll just respond in kind.

      and try and prevent me posting similar content, the fact you seek to do so is highly comical. that's all for now.

  • Not a big deal. Maybe when it comes to tradition though


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  • It's okay. Most guys usually have a wide variety of taste when it comes to a girl's race and skin color. Especially if they are from a diverse area.

    • I'm from an almost completely white area and I've always been more attracted to non-white women.

  • It's your choice.