Married men not getting enough sex?

do you ever worry your wives may be closeted lesbians?

I mean, if 1 in 10 married men is actually secretly gay, what's to say that same number, or maybe even more, married women aren't also faking their sexuality.


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  • Why would it be a worry? In some ways it would be a relief.

    But no, signs point strongly to no.

    • why would you be relieved by that?

      I'm just curious. I still have a hard time understanding why so many wimen stop wanting sex after marriage. I wonder if it's because some of them are gay.

    • Because if the lack of sex is happening it sucks.

      So the question is why?

      Because she doesn't love you any more? Because she finds you unattractive? Because you suck in bed? Because who knows, she just lost it? Compared to many of those 'Because she's a lesbian' is actually a nicer answer. And you stop spending month after month after year wondering if it will get better. It would just be like 'no, its not going to change, it's not you, so where do we go from here?'

    • oh, ok. it would be sad too though. no more hope.

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  • If she sucks my cock with enthusiasm she isn't gay. This test is proven to indicate one's sexual orientation!

  • Point to your source (s) that says 1 in 10 men are secretly gay. That sounds obnoxiously high and just unreasonable.

    I get your point though. No way to tell, just hope that before you get married the person you're attached to is telling the truth.

  • 1 in 10 marrid men = gay?

    huh... that's kinda high isn't it? i'd say 1 in 100 maybe.

    • I've read 1 in 10. also, a high percentage supposedly has sex with other men on the side.

      I've met a couple guys with wealthy older married boyfriends..

  • 1 in 10 is super high. I don't know what liberal ass website you got that off of but i can assure you its false.


  • I thought 1/10 men were gay, if 1/10 get married are you suggesting being gay doesn't affect the likelihood of marrying a woman?

    • ooh, ok. I must have mixed up the statistics. whoops! lol

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    • I should if 1/10 married men are gay, rather than if 1/10 get married, but you got what I meant.

    • 'of said' not 'if'...

  • Female sexuality and female sexual phases are more complex than male sexuality and male sexual phases, and are also more fluid and triggered more easily, but that usually isn't the case for marital sex issues.

    • that doesn't actually answer the question I asked.

    • It does. Worrying that a woman would be a closeted lesbian due to a lack of sexual interest is relatively absurd because that's not how sexual phases work in human cycles.

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  • You say one in ten married men are gay. Is that a proven statistic?

    • I made a mistake. it's 1 in 10 men are secretly gay, not all of those are married.