How can a shy guy find a relationship?

Most girls seem to prefer the guy to approach them but what happens if the guy struggles to handle that kind of interaction? If he isn't that outgoing or confident enough to start flirting or using pick up lines.

What do you think he should do?


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  • whats the most your willing to approach? or how so? :x

    • I can talk to girls definitely, I just find it hard to turn things sexual or romantic or show my interest. I just get kinda flustered. When I relax and think of them as just friends then I'm fine and do pretty well.

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    • Thanks. :)

      Do you think it might backfire and she might start to see me as just a friend? I don't want to ask her out straight away but I don't want to miss my shot. What's the middle ground in your opinion?

    • Yeah exactly why I said build somewhat a friendship but not completely revealing yourself. Slowly one day at a time then ask her out when you feel is right! not too soon or too long :)


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  • Start friendships and go from there. The best relationships start out that way and over time your guard breaks down. When I spoke to one of my crushes it took me a year of friendship to feel comfortable to be myself with him. but it was great once i did. :)

    • I'd love to he friends first. My one concern is that she'd start to see me as just as friend and I'd have missed my shot.

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    • Thanks. :)

      This is kinda a separate question but what's the difference between a guy who could be your boyfriend and a guy who could only be your friend? Is it purely physical or is it how you 2 interact?

    • Whether or not you want to do the deed with them basically (attracted to them), cause love really develops from that friendship type stuff, but the physical aspects of dating depend on hormones and attraction chemicals which you cant' fake or force, it has to happen with specific people basically. So a guy who is just a friend is someone we are not attracted to and can't picture doing it with, maybe someone we see like a brother cause they're innocent/cute but not hot to us kinda thing. But being friends with a girl will not cause a change in that, she'll either feel attracted or not there's nothing that can really PUT you in a friend zone permanently to be honest unless you date her mom or best friend or something.

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