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OK so there's a girl I work with we are good friends but over time I developed feelings for her I think she is really attractive and has a nice personality. Anyways we was talking on Facebook one night and I told her one day when we wasn't working together I would wanna take her on a date she didn't respond but we talk everyday and she stares at me a lot. Our company dosent allow internal dating. But she's all I ever think about now when I'm at work when I'm not what should I do?


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  • Fucking ask her out. Get an answer so you don't sit wondering about what could've been. Just get an answer to put the suspense to rest.

    Or you can ask 12 more questions about it in the future lol


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  • Don't date anyone you work with. It's bad... if you see a real future with someone great just not at work. Work is like time to your self, you both need space in a relationship.


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  • You asked her out on Facebook man. That's like screaming "I have no balls". Let this one go. Learn from your mistake, and next time when you have feelings for a girl, nut up and ask her out in person if you really feel like she is attracted to you too.

    • Dude she's attracted to me too that didn't hurt anything and I did it by Facebook to keep it out of work don't need drama

  • How can you bypass your company policy? Maybe, she does't want to lose her job.

    • Well that's the interesting part you can't your just stuck

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    • Damn!

    • Yep I was telling her she should step down and join my department