Ladies and men. what are your opinions on chivalry, self respect and respecting others?


If your in a relationship are these needed or optional?

(THIS IS PETER) I must date a woman that respects herself and others. And demands respects for herself.

What do you think?
(This is Tinkerbell) I think respect is very important and chivalry is a fantastic way of showing it


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  • I have self respect when it come's to my body i keep that to myself i respect myself not to be like that.


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  • Call it whatever you want, but I simply believe in mutual respect. Treat the other person in a way that shows them how you value them, and expect to be treated the same way. If you respect yourself, generally you will attract people to your life who will treat you how you deserve to be treated and, in turn, they will be people who you will want to treat properly. People who love and respect themselves are generally much more capable of sharing that love and respect with others in a meaningful way.

  • I'm into chivalry. At first I hated the idea about it, but I like it. Also, respect for oneself is big for me.


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  • Depends on what kind of chivalry you are talking about. If it's the old fashioned "ladies first" thing that men used to do then that chivalry is slowly dying - and rightfully so. Men and women should just give each other equal amounts of decent respect, but not go beyond that unless they are acquainted.

    • I believe that women should get morerespect then men in random meetings.

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    • (This is Tinkerbell) I don't think its a matter of women getting more respect, but of showing it in different ways. Women are supposed to submit to men and let them lead. That is a form of respect that in my opinion SHOULDN'T be given. But as men, it is a sign that you are respectable person, worthy of that respect from women if you treat them like that.

    • So you support traditional gender roles that don't permit women to attain leading roles? You support the notion that women should be submissive by default? What if a woman doesn't want to be submissive? Do we treat her like a man? How do we then make a distinction between the women that like being submissive and the ones that don't?

      Well my answer is simple - we don't. If we treat every one equally then there's no need to ponder exactly how differently we need to treat or respect people.

  • I think people should just be respectful and sometimes a bit more altruistic towards their partner, that is essentially what chivalry is, after all. People shouldn't just be chivalrous to everyone unconditionally, though. That is tiresome, and very exploitable.

    • No chivalry is treating all women. Like you would treat a partner. With respect. Not your partner should get that so much more. Its a loop effect. Treat your partner better -> treat people like your partner -> treat your partner better -> treat people like your partner

    • Now* your partner should get respect so much more.

  • Respect is something that is earned not given ( even self-respect ) and I am a proud practitioner of the full code of chivalry from top to bottom.

    • nah, I think everyone deserves respect only until they fuck things up.

    • They should still be given respect even after they mess things up. But you don't have to trust the snake after it bites you.

    • A matter of opinion I suppose, just like mine and that of many people around here is that respect is something you have to earn it's not automatically given to you, the world just doesn't work like that, you want something you work for it and you earn it.

  • I open doors for women and even the car door for my wife. I dont care of some dont like it.

  • From what I've heard things like that are only romantic in movies and if a guy in real life does them then he's lying or just wants sex.
    Straight from girls themselves