Is it wrong to date someone when you still have feelings for another person?

Asking on behalf of another person. I believe it is wrong but they don't.


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  • I was in this exact situation less than a month ago. From experience I would say, don't waste your time and the other person's time either. If you are still not over the other person, confess how you feel because life is too short to be thinking about something that could have been. If the person you are dating treats you well, yet you are finding yourself having to force feelings for them then end things. It's all for your own benefit, don't settle with someone just because they want you when you want someone else. The worst that can happen in all of this, is you losing both of them and even that is a blessing as you aren't spending your energy with someone that doesn't feel the same and someone that doesn't make you feel how the other person made you feel (which is clearly how you want a person to make you feel otherwise you wouldn't be in this situation). Take time away from them and focus on becoming the best possible person you can be and you will begin to attract what you put out.


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  • Wel, it takes some peopel decades to truly get over a person would you have them " wait"?

    Plus, some don't move on until they find soemeon else.

    Neither applies to me I like a clean break in things before I start new but many peoeple can't wait.


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  • its not you can wait your whole life to get over someone which would be a waste