Would you be okay if the girl you were dating somehow has bigger muscle than you?

Likw what if I got really buff...excatly like a man would that make me less attractive?


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  • Different people find different things attractive. For me it would depend on how much bigger the muscles are than mine. I don't find women body builders to be attractive, but some muscle tone is attractive. Also, another thing would be is this something that happened after you starting dating of before. Different people act differently towards it. For me if I wanted to be with her before then I'll still want to be with her after. We may talk about it if I feel it's to much or could hurt her health, but it's not something I would leave over. Attraction is a personal thing and therefore is different for each person. Everyone is attractive to someone. So with all that said, if the girl I was dating had bigger muscles than me then it would be fine with me. I thought she was attractive enough to be dating and therefore wouldn't change my mind just because she works out. In fact, I would find it helpful in so many ways.

    • Thanks for MHO. I'm curious though. What do you agree with or like that I said?

    • I liked what you said.

    • Thanks again and if you work out then that's good for you and I hope you are getting the results you want.


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  • Understand this: I've been in the powerlifting world for six years, and let me tell you that it is literally impossible for a woman to get as muscular as a man unless she is on steroids or other testosterones. It is impossible. So, don't worry about it.

  • If I really liked you, I'd still probably see you the same way and it wouldn't bother me. But I do prefer girls that are soft and cuddly.

  • Honestly women who are rock hard are repulsive as they look more like men at that point then they do women


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