Girls, do chicks tend to have older boyfriends?

I just want to see whats the most common age gap when chicks date guys

  • 1 year older
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  • 2 years older
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  • Same age
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  • 3+ years older
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  • Im a guy
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Most Helpful Girl

  • My boyfriend is actually almost 2 years YOUNGER than me lol

    • Lol pedo jk xD thats so rare these days so I didn't bother putting it on the poll

    • Haha my boyfriends best friend joked about that when I turned 18 lol

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What Girls Said 2

  • I think as we grow older, we don't tend to focus too much on age, but the chances of them being older are higher than what we'd date in our teens for obvious reasons, but none the less I think it's more common to widen the age gap when we grow older.

  • Girls below a certain age tend to stay to the 2 years above to their age range, once they get older it can expand a little