Common courtesy or boyfriend material?

Okay so there's this guy in my class and one day we all went into the library to write an essay. So I was done with my essay so I printed it out and went over to the printer to get it . Meanwhile this boy was already for there getting his papers. So I grab my papers and I wait on him to use the electric stapler . And he put his paper in it but it didn't staple . So he told me "it's out of staples " and so I called the library over and told her it was out and he said thank you to me . And stapled his paper and then said thank you again and walked away. Now let me tell you I never noticed this boy until that day at the stapler 😂😂😭 he freaking adorable . So now I feel like I can see him out of the corner of my eye looking in my direction. The other day I was showing my friends some weird Miranda Sings face I made on my phone and he was looking too like I could tell. I feel like he always looks at me when I talk . Should I move in on him or just play it coy?


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  • I am thinking he is a genuinely friendly guy with manners.


    I am also thinking he never noticed YOU until the stapler thing, but now he has!

    Make friendly conversation with him somehow and see where it goes.


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  • Move in for the kill.

  • Wait what part of this could be common courtesy? Him saying thank you?

    • Yeah him saying thanks more than once for something so little

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  • please.. cut it short. courtesy