How do I get over someone that doesn't love me and still stay friends?

My heart is broken again...
I feel like anything I do in a relationship is wrong. Even though I try everything to make people happy. I resently started seeing someone. At the start it felt like all my dreams had come true. He was so into me. He told me he liked me and he said that i was going to be his wife one day. It all changed when he told me that he doesn't want to be in a relationship. I asked for a reason and he told me that he doesn't want the responsibitities of a relationship. He told me that he wanted to stay friends. We still talked every day. It felt like nothing had changed exept that he didn't talk about marrying me. My heart told me not to give up on him. I love him. I keep giving my all to make him happy and all he says is that he feels bad. Its been 3 weeks now and I keep on falling for him. How do I forget about this guy. How do I stay friends with someone that so clearly doesn't love me like I love him? How do I watch him be happy without me and be okay?


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  • Don't force getting over him. It takes time to get over someone and trying too hard to do so will only make it more difficult. The fact is that it's going to be a pretty long and difficult road, but if being able to stay friends is important to you, you will get through it. It's painful, because while you have these feelings, every confrontation with the fact that you can't be with him is going to hurt. However, each of these confrontations is also going to help you to eventually accept that fact and you'll become a stronger person because of that.

    You'll get there eventually. You just need to be brave. :)


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  • He is playing you girl... Don't want responsibilities? Wtf what he thinks he have to write checks or something.
    He just want a casual relationship with no deep strings attach.
    My advice is to leave him.. See someone else.. I know it's hard but its right.
    And give it time its been only few weeks its completely normal you think this way..


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  • I had the exact same situation. I got rid of him, because I call this playing. If he was a true friend, he would have been more diligent about things. I also believe he doesn't deserve me in his life, he should know what it likes to be without you... only then will he understand your worth. don't be a doormat, move on... he won't change.. maybe if you become strong and get over him, he'll see you in a new light. either way, no guy is worth the pain. know you were true to him, so have no guilt.