I you were in my place what would you do?

I still love my ex but he told a friend that he already have a crush and there's this boy that reaaally loves but I don't share him those kind of feeling , so if you wre in my place what would you do ?


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  • i'd accept the fact he forgot me basically, if i was you


What Girls Said 1

  • If I were you, eventually I would have to move on. Because if you think about it, even though this is though, your ex- is an ex- for a reason, and he's moving on to his next and he has already did his part. Now it's you're turn to move on. You guys already went out , so I am assuming there isn't much that he has to figure as a surprise to him about you anymore. He found someone who caught his eye and he has strong feelings about. Don't constantly sob about what's long gone, because it seemed as if he already made up his mind of who he wants.

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