What can a short guy do to make up for his height?

One of my guy friends asked for my advice. He's had kind of a hard time with girls because he's short (5'3). Girls can be brutal about height! I never knew. Anyway, he asked me what he could do and I didn't really know what advice to give so I told him I'd ask around. We'd both really appreciate it :D


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  • He can make up for it in his body. One of my best friends is 5'7. He married a fairly attractive Latina who is about 5'9. He was fairly muscular and thus, he looked bigger than his actual height. There's nothing he can do with his height; however he can change his style and body to make him more attractive. Also, add in confidence and roll with his height. You know how some women find midgets attractive, he just needs to find a girl who is comfortable dating a shorter man. It just takes one.


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  • Well, he could always go for girls shorter than 5'3. Outside of that, the only thing that can get a girl to think differently is his self-confidence.

  • Tell him to not care what anyone thinks at all. The less he cares, the better. He needs to feel like he is the biggest badass ever--the best example of a man who has ever existed. Next, he needs to stop caring about what women are attracted to. The less he values the thoughts, feelings, and preferences of other people, especially those of women, and the more he values himself and his priorities, the better off he'll be.


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  • He doesn't need to do anything to makeup for his height, he needs to find a girl that loves him excepts him. Height and all.