I want to move to Europe to improve my dating prospects, which country is best?

Which European country is best for an American to move to? I will probably visit multiple countries since they're so close together but I believe England is the best option. I want to find better dating prospects than the women here.


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  • It depends. Are you looking for how hot the girls are our just populace.

    • Both

    • Oh well I've lived in Rotterdam (Netherlands) for a few years and toured all around Europe (38% of all countries), i say it would be a better idea for you to move to mainland Europe so you avoid a ferry charge or having to use the tunnel anytime you want to leave england. Also you can walk from city to city in most of Europe .

    • Very interesting, thank you.

  • All over Europe bro. You'll get a date

  • I'm pretty sure anywhere but America is good if you want to get a date.