My ex talks to her friends & posts on Twitter/fb about how I "downgraded"?

we broke up after 6 months together. I got a new gf a month later. I overheard her and her friends say how I downgraded and she has been posting statuses about downgrading and retweeting pictures like this: My ex talks to her friends & posts on Twitter/fb about how I I notice A LOT of girls do this and tweet and post Things like this after the relationship is over. Why is she trying to make fun of me and my new girlfriend ? Is she trying to make herself feel better? Like why is she doing this?


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  • This is a petty thing that some women do to mke themselves feel better. They find out who their ex is dating and say that you downgraded to someone that is not better than them. It just shows how immature she is and that she has not moved on and is not trying to. I wouldn't give a damn if my ex decided to date a kangaroo or a supermodel after me that's none of my business I don't care so obviously she still does but I would not worry about it. Focus on your new relationship because what she thinks does not matter.

    • Seems like a lot of girls do this. A lot of girls retweeted her.

    • They must feel the same way about their ex. Smh they should be trying to uplift each other and move on instead they are feeding into BS and putting a strain on the healing process.


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  • she's extremely jealous and being petty to make herself feel better about you moving on from her, what an immature person!

    • Well I saw a lot of retweets on the tweet she retweeted if that makes sense.

  • Wow, she is butthurt over your moving on, isn't she? I would ignore it and realize you dodged a bullet there!

    • I guess lots of girls can relate because lots of girls retweeted her

    • It IS a funny pic, and the retweets are just because of that. That being said, she is showing an extreme lack of class and maturity. Enjoy your new girl, and just laugh this one off.

      I know it is hard because she is making this very personal for you, though.

  • She's immature and trying to make herself feel better. She's deeply hurt, while you are happy... Just remember that.

    • It also means she hasn't moved on*

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    • Apparently lots of girls do it. There were a lot of retweets on the tweet she retweeted.

    • They do, and it it's not right. Avoid girls like that when possible.

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  • Based on your ex's actions, it looks like an upgrade to me.

  • She's just being a bitch. Ignore her.